Developing the Total Athlete, Body, Mind, and Heart through Sports Performance Training by Bringing the Science of Elite Sports Performance, Leadership Character and Team Building direclty to the Coach and Athlete. This is the youth and high school outreach tool using and teaching advanced sports performance and fitness using leadership, character, integrity and team building concepts of Love, Responsibility, Humility and Commitment, purposely teaching these aspects of a moral foundation through sports performance training and fitness to our youth, cultivating the soil (heart), opening the door to share the truth about Christ. We are competing for the Hearts and Minds of our youth.

Multi-sport coaches clinics and athlete camps

Multi-sport strength & speed clinics for high school athletes
Multi-sport strength & speed clinics for Jr. high athletes
Multi-sport camps for ages 10-11

We also want to partner with churches and para-churches to serve them in reaching the youth and high school kids in their communities.

Social Epidemic/ Separation of Church/State
Teens Evaluate the Church-Based Ministry They Received As Children
July 8, 2003 excerpt from Barna Group

Barna noted, “less than one out of every ten churched teenagers has a biblical worldview. In other words, the result of their involvement at a church is that they can recite some religious facts, they made some friends, and they had fun. That’s wonderful, but we also find that most of them have neither accepted Christ as their savior nor altered the basis on which they make their moral and ethical decisions in life. For most teenagers who have spent years attending church activities their faith is not integrated into who they are and how they live. Most of the young people who claim they developed an understanding of the Bible that enables them to make decisions based on biblical principles show no evidence of using that understanding in relation to the core beliefs and lifestyle choices that we studied.”

  • 74% of HS Kids admit to cheating on Exams (McDowell, 2002)
  • 38% of HS kids admit to shop lifting (McDowell, 2002)
  • 68% H.S. Hit a person previous 12 months because they were angry
  • 47% Could get a gun if they wanted to
  • 66% Drugs are readily available to them
  • 16% have been intoxicated on campus
  • 85% of evangelical, born again believers are walking away from Christianity inside of 12 months of graduating high school
  • 65% want a close relationship with God
  • 63% don’t believe Jesus in the Son of the one true God
  • 58% believe all faiths teach equally valid truths
  • 51% don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead
  • 65% don’t believe Satan is a real entity
  • 68% don’t believe the Holy Spirit is a real entity
  • 49% want to make a difference in the world
  • In 2005 91% of high school students surveyed said they did not believe in absolute moral truth.
  • Columbia University did a research study related to youth behavior. They found that:

Single parent mom raising a child = child is 30% likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol

Both parents raising family, but there is a fair to poor relationship with Dad = child is 68% likely to get involved with drugs/alcohol

Both parents raising family, there is a good relationship with dad = less than 6% chance of the child getting involved with drugs/alcohol

Dartmouth University did a lit review on 267 studies related to youth behavior = Human beings are biologically hardwired to PHYSICAL connection to parents

  • One study that looked at profiles of school shooters pre-columbine high school found that:

All the shooters were white

All were middle class

The father was absent or distant in all shooters!!!

  • 30 Year study that was just completed by John Hopkins University revealed that the top 5 diseases/deaths in the US all had one thing in common:

Lack of closeness to parents (mostly the father)!

References upon request