This is the Christian Sports Performance missions using strength & conditioning, sports science, and fitness clinics to help reach the World for Christ. Come and help reach the World for Christ through the international division of CSP. Go to Missions

IPS strives to become a leader in worldwide sports performance training and fitness sciences, traveling the globe performing Strength & Conditioning and Sports Performance clinics while introducing Christ to athletes and coaches. Develop relationships that will last an eternity.

All sports need to train to maximize their athletic talent. S&C is a common language to ALL sports at every level. Athletes are training year round to maximize their abilities. Most of the world is 10-30 years behind the US. Only a few countries like Russia, Germany, Australia, England, New Zealand, and South Africa are close to the knowledge and application that the US has. Even so, we will maintain technology and expertise that are on the cutting edge. Most countries only train their elite athlete and we want to reachall levels of athletes.

CSP is continually sending out teams to various countries (i.e Guatemala, Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil, India, Spain and Poland) using the need of knowing the latest techniques in Strength, Conditioning, Sports Performance and Sports Medicine sciences to lead coaches and athletes to Christ. SPS is also committed to hosting and administering camps and clinics for High Schools and Middle Schools throughout the U.S.