In 1997, the first Sports Performance trip was to India, they were at least 30 years behind in their knowledge and application of sports training. They believed the same thing coaches believed in the 60’s in the U.S. They believed you shouldn’t weight train, you will get too muscle bound, inflexible, stunt your growth if you are too young, hurt your athletic performance, etc.

We held a 3 day clinic at a prestigious all sports stadium. The first day 20 coaches and athletes attended. The second day over 200 of their friends showed up and we were convinced this ministry would work. This platform allowed us to share our testimony and the Gospel to the entire group that attended.

India knew they were falling behind the world; consequently their teams could not compete with the teams that were training on the world scene. An article was published on “Why isn’t India World Class in Sport” This article talked about exactly the things we were teaching their athletes.

Through Christian Sports Performance we can meet the need in their lives to become better athletes which allows us to share how they can become the total athlete, mental, physical and spiritual.

Since then, clinics have been performed in Bangladesh, Burma, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Spain, Poland and the US. Using coaches from the Olympic training centers, universities, and cricket academies with the youth have established credibility in these countries because of the high level of training that we can provide.