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Christian Sports Performance┬áis seeking partners to share the vision and complete the mission of using Strength & Conditioning/Sports Performance training to reach the World for Christ. Cutting edge Strength & Conditioning training techniques are powerful tools that transcend all borders,… ...

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Website Prayer

Pray for the continued planning, implementation, and building and design of the CSP and associated web sites and for all those that the web sites touch. Pray for those who will be visiting the CSP website to investigate us, that they will join our effort.

What We Believe

Knowing God is absolutely central to the meaning of human existence and it is only in the context of an intimate, personal relationship with Him that we can experience optimum performance in life. There is no assignment more daunting, no task more demanding, and no challenge more overwhelming; yet, there is nothing more rewarding than coming to know and understand the being, nature, character, and attributes of the eternal Creator, who is Himself the ultimate source of all truth and life.


Our ministries empower you in your Christian Faith. We use them to encourage you spiritually, Equip you in ministry, and teach you the latest in sports performance and lastly, to enable you to use your God given gifts and abilities to reach coaches & athletes for Christ.